St. Annes
I have just finished my 12 week programme with Tony and cannot recommend highly enough.

Having not exercised for quite some time the thought of having 121 training was overwhelming and a little intimidating. However upon meeting Tony I was completely put at ease an can honestly say I have really enjoyed the PT sessions.

Sessions are bespoke to each individual and they do change, in part, each session - so your still being pushed and it's kept fresh and fun!

Already signed up for more sessions with Tony and am really looking forward to them and to seeing more results! 5*

Jimmy Langlor

Excellent workout plans from beginner to expert!

I have been using the intermediate online programme which involves workout videos which I can easily cast to my TV and complete in the comfort of my living room. Even though the intermediate exercises are fairly rigorous, the longest workout is only 20 minutes and includes warm up and cool down stretches to prevent injury.

Coaching Healthy has also provided me with professional analysis of my diet and has made recommendations on how it can be improved to enhance my exercise work.

In the five weeks I have been on the programme, I have lost fat and am noticeably fitter - all from home. It's been great whilst the social distancing measures have been in place.

I fully recommend Coaching Healthy!👍👍

Lisa Gornall

Started the 12 week online course with Tony and even just 4 weeks in I’m finding my arms and legs are toning up and I am being more sensible with my eating.

Tony has been in touch each week to check how I’m getting on and to give positive encouragement. The videos are just the right length to do even during a busy day and are just challenging enough to push me! I’m looking forward to seeing the results after 12 weeks!

Thank you!

Mike Lynch

Lytham St Anne’s
Amazing fitness coach. Thought I'd share my experience so far.

2 weeks in and only 6 sessions with Tony and I feel completely changed. I used to be slim and pretty fit (20yrs ago) but over the years I have become over weight and lazy. I kept telling myself I would get fit again but nothing came of it and I just couldn't be bothered. My stomach had gone from 30 inches to 42.5 inches and I just felt hopeless and had low self-esteem.

When I was invited to join Tony's group, I still didn't think I would do anything about it. I can't stand Jogging and couldn't see myself being motivated enough to go to the Gym. I decided just to go for it and sign up to a session with Tony, he suggested 1 or 2 days a week to start with and I told him I would need 3 days a week because I knew I wouldn't be motivated enough to do any exercises on my own in between sessions.

Tony put together a programme over 12 sessions and I paid straight away before I had chance to think about it. MONDAY The first session was a tough even though I'm sure he took it easy on me. Straight after the session I felt every muscle in my body but also felt strangely energised. Next day I struggled but by the next session WEDNESDAY I was ready for more and each day I have felt more and more mentally and physically amazing.

Tony asked me to fill in a daily diet sheet for a week so he could see what I was eating. Feeling a bit conscious about my diet i decided to stop drinking Gin and a bottle of fanta lemon per day and also chocolate. I haven't changed my meals at all except for eating more fruit and nuts, something that I really didn't think I would ever do or enjoy. I have felt so energetic since starting the sessions that i have been skipping and walking more. 2 weeks (6 sessions) in and I'm feeling so fit and my body is changing dramatically, now 38 inches.

Tony is a great bloke, genuine and enthusiastic which all comes across in the sessions. He seemed to know just what I needed and has kept things interesting even doing a bit of Sparring with gloves and pads. I couldn't move very well before and would get cramps in my ribs if I moved too quickly, back ache and high blood pressure have been a problem for years and generally just stiff joints. Amazingly 6 sessions in and i have no back ache, joints are loose and blood pressure is down considerably. I feel like I have been given a new body and I just know that I won't be going back to the lazy bloated un fit low self-esteemed person I had become. 6 more sessions to go.

Bring it on Tony and thanks for bringing me back from the dead.