Coaching Healthy Home Fitness

Lytham St Anne’s based Personal Trainer has launched the new coaching healthy 12-week Personal Training at home fitness package. The new health and fitness course is available for residents of Lytham St Anne’s and Blackpool in Lancashire and includes the following:

3 x 4 weekly progressive online conditioning programmes

Interval training is short periods of high intensity exercise followed by short periods of active recovery. We have designed conditioning programmes using bodyweight only which requires little time and little space to fit in with your lifestyle. After 4 weeks the programme becomes more challenging to ensure you keep progressing with your fitness goals.

6 x outdoor personal training sessions

Over the 12-week course you will receive 6 personal training sessions outdoor incorporating a circuit style conditioning workout. We will reinforce correct technique and motivate you with stimulating and progressive programmes throughout your course.

Full hire of outdoor programme equipment

Following the first personal training session you will keep hold of the equipment for the duration of the 12-week course where you can complete additional workouts as advised by your Personal Trainer.

Weekly lifestyle and nutrition coaching

Coaching healthy offers the complete package, we recognise the importance of guidance and coaching to support clients with their health and fitness goals. This is why we also offer weekly lifestyle and nutrition feedback as part of the Personal Training at home fitness package!