Our wellbeing packages are available on a flexible subscription (no contract) led by the employee or on an annual contract led by the employer. The employee wellbeing package is a win, win solution for individual and business. For an affordable monthly payment, the employee receives access to expert tailored resources and regular scheduled reviews to support their health & wellbeing goals.

A healthier workforce is associated with reduced sickness absence and improved performance so the business benefits too.
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How it works

  • 2. Wellbeing Plan
  • A personalised wellbeing action plan is prescribed including a tailored exercise programme, based on the assessment results.
  • 3. Goals
  • Wellbeing objectives recorded and agreed with client – review date scheduled.
  • 4. The Portal
  • Unique log in provided to access the Wellbeing Portal providing resources including tutorials, fact sheets and personal exercise plan plus much more.
  • 5. Coaching
  • Clients can access coaching included in their package to help motivate, break through barriers and ensure they stay on track to achieving their wellbeing goals.
  • 6. Review
  • Quarterly on site review with new goals agreed and new progression plan is prescribed.
  • 7. Progress
  • Following a quarterly review the client’s data is updated in their membership area.
  • 8. Reporting
  • Cohort health progress analysed and generic breakdown report provided for business.

Compare the plans

Features Gold Silver Bronze
On site health assessment (20 min) What's included
Lifestyle assessment
Blood pressure / heart rate
Body Measurements
Movement and posture analysis
Individual Action Plan
Prescribed Exercise
Prescribed Core Stability Plan
Prescribed Awareness Tutorials
Access to Wellbeing Portal resources
Access to Online coaching
Review and Assessment Qtrly Yearly
Wellbeing Progression Plan
Lifestyle assessment – This is to identify the client’s current lifestyle situation including activity levels and diet. Any potential historical barriers may be highlighted here and coaching recommended within their individual wellbeing action plan.
Blood pressure and heart rate - High blood pressure (Hypertension) is the pressure between the walls of the arteries and is associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke, early detection is vital and lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of disease. Educational resources are provided via the wellbeing portal and include tutorials, fact sheets, nutrition guidance and exercise plan.
Hip to waist ratio - Research shows the greater the ratio between hip and waist measurement the greater the risk of heart disease. Educational resources are provided via the wellbeing portal and include tutorials, fact sheets, nutrition guidance and exercise plan.
Core stability test – A weakness in the core can lead to low back pain and is a common issue with sedentary based work, an appropriately tailored core strengthening plan can be prescribed and reviewed.
Glute activation test - Gluteal amnesia (sleepy glutes) is another common issue in sedentary work and can also potentially lead to low back pain. This specific test identifies if there is weakness and a subsequent tailored corrective exercise plan is prescribed and reviewed.
Dynamic posture assessment -This test assesses any potential muscle imbalances which may potentially lead to neck/back pain or work related upper limb disorders. A specific corrective exercise plan is subsequently prescribed and reviewed.
Membership area – The employee’s assessment results are entered with agreed goals and notes. The individual exercise programme code(s) is entered together the recommended resources to access on the portal.