Coaching Healthy is a unique Health & Wellbeing company that works with Organisations by coaching employees towards healthy and active lifestyles, creating resilient, purposeful and person-centred work places.
At the heart of any business is its people. Healthy employees create healthy business.

At Coaching Healthy we recognise employees are individuals.

Our unique and personalised employee wellbeing packages include an individual on site health assessment to establish goals and a personalised wellbeing action plan. The plan also includes a progressive and tailored home-based exercise programme via access to our on-line wellbeing portal.

Our professionally made health awareness videos and education resources offer proactive guidance on topics such as back health awareness, heart health, posture advice, lifting techniques, stress awareness, core stability and lifesaving skills - plus much more!

Experienced Health & Wellbeing Specialists

Who we are

  • We have combined skills and experience ranging from Master Personal Trainers and Low Back Pain Specialists to Workplace Coaches, Tutors and Health, Safety & Wellbeing Advisors! Download our brochure

What makes us different

  • Our focus is on affordable proactive and preventative solutions. Many health issues in the workplace can be prevented with awareness and education, our unique employee gold package provides just that!

How it works

  • We visit you in the workplace to fully understand your needs, we work with you to create a wellbeing action plan with a programme of targeted initiatives tailored to you.

Tailor Made

  • Our tailor-made wellbeing action plans are personalised to each individual and includes an individual health assessment with prescribed home based exercise plan with on going guidance.


  • We provide consultancy support on your Wellbeing Strategy, a wide range of approved training and awareness raising themed workshops plus much more!


  • With 24hr access to their individual wellbeing programme, our professionally made videos and resources will educate, motivate and coach your workforce towards healthier lifestyle choices.
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We have a diverse level of experience and qualifications, particularly around fitness/wellbeing.

Our focus is on affordable proactive and preventative solutions. Many health issues in the workplace can be prevented with awareness and education. Download our brochure
See how we reduced the number of lost working days due to back pain from 417 to 255 in one Organisation.
We helped another Organisation achieve the IIP Good Practice in Health & Wellbeing accreditation at the first time of asking.
We presented qualitative data on Improved employee health following a series of health checks and action plans.

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24 February 2020

On April 26th I’m aiming to raise awareness of mental health in our area and raise funds for Mind Lancashire by completing the Blackpool Marathon whilst carrying this backpack which will be filled with 50lbs of Blackpool sand.

Why would I do such a painful challenge?

I wanted to choose a challenge that gave some context to the mental suffering that many people go through every day. The 50lb